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November 5, 2019

Space-Time is Graph, NOT reality

Space-Time is Graph, NOT Reality

by Mark Fennell

November 2, 2019

Space-Time is a type of graph. It is a way to represent reality. However, it is not reality itself. Most people do not understand this. In fact, the majority of scientists who believe in Space-Time treat the graph as reality, instead of just graph paper.

All graphs are a representation of reality. They are not reality themselves. They are useful tools, but they do not have physical existence in our lives.

The Bar Graph
For example, look at a Bar Graph. The bar graph is a series of columns, which have different heights along the Y axis. Each one is usually a different category, or variation of a topic, listed on the X axis.

These Bar Graphs are helpful to understand information. They do organize the data. But are they reality? No.

When we walk around, do we see columns of various heights? Do we see these various columns, with various colors and various heights, like a series of Greek columns? No, we do not. They do not have this physical reality.

It is a graph. It is a representation of information. Yet, it is not physical reality.

The Space-Time Graph
We can say the same thing regarding the Space-Time Graph. The space-time graph was created as way to understand information. When we want to understand the motions of many objects, over a significant period of time, then we use the space-time graph.

There is a lot of information. All of these objects, all of these motions, over this extended time period. This can be a lot of information to try to absorb in the mind. Therefore, the space-time graph is used to represent this information. In that respect, the space-time graph becomes a helpful tool. It is a way to see all of this information visually.

However, that is all it is. This is a type of graph. It is a visual aid. It is a tool.
The space-time graph represents aspects of reality. It is not reality itself. That is the difference.

Most scientists forget that it is just a graph. They mistake the graph of data for being a drawing of reality. But that is not what we have. It is a representation of information, in a visual format. It has never been a drawing or picture of reality itself.

Curvature of Space-Time
With this understanding of the space-time as graph, we can now explain all of the “oddities” of space-time. The first is the curvature of space-time.
In the theory of space-time, gravity is said to be a curvature in space time. We can understand this as curvature of…the Graph! It is not curvature of space or of time!

Take your graph paper. Bend it. Roll it. That is curvature of space-time. You notice that you are bending the graph…which causes the curves…in your graph paper. But this is just a graph. It is a representation of reality, it is not reality itself.

It is therefore not any real space or real time that is bent, it is only the drawings on the paper that become bent. This is a significant difference.

Ball on the Trampoline
Also, scientists will demonstrate the curvature of space time by dropping a bowling ball on trampoline. (This trampoline can also be any object with similar flexible layer). The bowling ball is said to represent a large object, like a star. The flexible layer of the trampoline or similar object is said to represent the space-time.

Thus, the bowling ball is dropped, and the skin layer is pressed down by the weight of the ball. The scientists say “see? that is the curvature of space-time!”
And yet, this demonstration is completely absurd.

Remember that the flexible layer of the trampoline is just graph paper! It is a very large piece of graph paper. It is a type of graph paper that does not tear. Yet it is just graph paper.
All they are doing is pressing an object into the large graph paper. Of course the graph paper will bend inward, under the weight of the heavy bowling ball. This is just Newtonian physics of the ball on the flexible layer. It is bent because of the gravitational interactions between flexible layer, ball, and the gravity of the earth. 

Yet there is no physical reality other than that. The universe does not in any way act as shown in the demonstration.

Black Hole and Singularity
This brings us to the idea of the black hole, and to the singularity.

The black hole is more properly called a Dark Star. It is in fact a star, a very large star. The mass and gravity of the star is so great that the photons nearby are pulled in, and therefore no light ever reaches an observer. This is the true reality of the Dark Star.
It is very Newtonian. In fact, its existence was first predicted just a few years after Newton published his Principia. This was long before Einstein or Hawking.

The more modern concepts are the “hole” of the black hole, and of the “singularity”.
In reality, neither such things exist. Yet on the graph paper…and only on the graph paper…they can exist.

Let’s play a game. Roll up a piece of paper into a cone. Pretend it is a telescope, and you are looking through it like a pirate. You will notice one end is large and open, the other end is small with only a tiny hole.

That is what we are doing with our space-time graph paper. We roll up our space-time graph paper into this cone shape. Our space-time graph paper is rolled up into this cone shape. This is how you get the “extreme curvature” of “Space-Time”.

Again, it is not reality. It is just on graph paper.

Now, look through the large hole end of your rolled up graph paper. What do you see? You see a tiny hole at the other end. This hole…this tiny hole…is the “hole” of the Black Hole. It is really just a tiny hole in your wrapped up graph paper, but it is a hole. That is where the idea of the “hole” of the Black Hole comes from.

Now, take your graph paper, and roll it even tighter. Tighter. Tighter. I want the cone shape of the graph paper to have an end, without any hole. You will also notice that the graph paper now ends. The graph paper cone now ends…as a single point.

This point…is the “singularity”…of the Space-Time.

From the perspective of the drawings of lines on the graph paper, all the data lines will circle, and wrap, ultimately coming to a single point. Yes, we have made the graph paper roll up into a single point. We have created this “singularity” of the space-time graph.

However, again, there is no physical reality of “singularity”. This is only the singularity of the graph. There is no singularity at the center of the Dark Star. In fact, it is just the opposite! The star is enormous! The reality of the Dark Star is quite the opposite of the geometrical concepts of hole and singularity of the graph paper.

Thus: there is no “hole” in the Black Hole. There is also no “singularity”, where time and space become a single point. All of this is just manipulations with drawings on the graph paper. The physical reality of the universe acts nothing like this. Not at all.

Let us Review: Space-Time is a Graph, NOT reality
We can now review the true nature of space-time. The concepts of “space-time” exist only on the graph paper. There are no physical realities related to space-time.
Space-Time is a graph. It is not physical reality.

The Space-Time Graph is very similar to the Bar Graph. In all graphs, data is plotted on a piece of paper, as visual aid. Yet this is not reality itself.

We do not see any of the Bars of the Bar Graphs in physical space. We do not see the lines of X-Y graphs, or the data points of scatter plots, in the physical reality. We don’t see these things, because they are representations of the data. These lines and points are not reality.

The graph is a tool, which we can use to help us understand the reality. Yet the graphs are never reality in themselves.

The same is true with the Space-Time Graphs. All concepts related to Space-Time are only concepts on a sheet of graph paper. We can certainly use the drawings on these graphs to help us understand complex information. However, in no way is there any physical reality associated with the Space-Time Graph.

Furthermore, all extensions of the space-time graph can ONLY be left to the graph paper. There can only be further predictions on what the future drawings on the graph will look like, not what the future of the reality in space will be.

There is no physical reality related to “Space-Time”. There never has been any physical reality. There never will be any physical reality. It is all on graph paper. And that is where all discussions of Space-Time belong.

Space-time discussions belong on the graph…and only…on the graph.

November 2, 2019