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July 25, 2016

March of the Modern American

March of the Modern American
by Mark Fennell

We’ve got confidence and pride and we’re glad to be alive
And today is the day that we succeed
With collaborative authorities and managing with humanity
We laugh as we meet the business needs

Politicians best beware and the criminals take care
For Americans can quickly seize a thief
Every man has such potential, he can be so influential
Let us do the things the cynics don’t believe

We will each produce solutions, yes, together contributions
And our enemies will die in cold defeat
You say I’m “only” a citizen and “merely” an American
Well, this officer will fight for his beliefs

We must never hesitate to make America great
And to alter whatever we can see
Let us put a little rhythm in the innards of our systems
And make the world
            the way it ought to be

[Author: Mark Fennell; Original date: 1997]

*This poem is designed to be read as a group of men and women marching down the street. The sound of a drummer setting the rhythm for them to march along, with certain punctuated beats, and often some fast drumming sounds.

I wanted to get the feel of a March, something that people could walk to, and feel inspired by.



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